Climate Change and the Oil Industry’s Obstructionist Policies

Featuring James Hansen, Bill McKibben, Geoff Dembicki, and M. Annenberg

by Project Censored
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The Project Censored Show
The Official Project Censored Show
Climate Change and the Oil Industry's Obstructionist Policies

The first Project Censored Show of 2023 is devoted to climate change, and the oil industry’s obstruction of policies that would seriously confront the climate crisis. The speakers on the program are former NASA scientist James Hansen, pioneering climate-change writer Bill McKibben, and Canadian environmental journalist Geoff Dembicki. They were interviewed in December by artist and independent curator M. Annenberg, in conjunction with an environmental-art exhibition at New York’s Ceres Gallery.


Dr. James Hansen was for many years the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and is now at Columbia University. Author Bill McKibben’s 1989 book, “The End of Nature” was the first book on climate change for the general reader. Journalist Geoff Dembicki is the author of “The Petroleum Papers,” a compilation of oil industry documents showing the industry’s efforts to confuse the public about the causes of climate change.