Climate ‘Fix’ Could Poison Sea Life

by Project Censored
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What was thought to be a quick fix to our global warming issue could be slowly killing off our marine life. Iron stimulates growth of marine algae, which absorbs CO2 from the air. This seems like an easy fix, adding iron to our waters to help with global warming but the consequences are dire. Marine life is at risk due to algae increase that produces a nerve poison that can kill mammals and birds. Who will be affected by this? As of right now primarily sea lions, harbor porpoises, and sea birds are being affected. Although research has been done and proven that if a sea mammal were to swim and eat through a school of anchovies, this would be enough to kill them. So what was thought to be a fix to the pollution of our environment will eventually scar and kill our marine life.

Title: Climate ‘Fix’ Could Poison Sea Life

Source: BBC News, March 16, 2010

Author: Richard Black,

Rresearcher: Katie Nystrom

Faculty Evaluator: Julie Andrzejewski

St. Cloud State University