Clintonistas/DNC Illegally Stole the Democratic Primaries from Bernie Sanders

by Vins
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On July 25th, 2016, Election Justice USA (EJUSA) released a hundred-page report compiling evidence of massive election fraud during the 2016 Democratic primaries. Election Justice USA is a non-partisan organization that consists of attorneys, technologists, journalists, statisticians, and activists. Essentially, EJUSA concludes that Bernie Sanders may have lost an upper estimate of 184 pledged delegates due to specific irregularities and instances of fraud. Their conclusions? The combination of voter suppression, registration tampering, voter purging, and the manipulation of computerized voting machines, likely cost Bernie Sanders the election.

To start, voter suppression occurred due to an extensive reduction in the number of polling places, especially in crucial areas, such as Arizona, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island. Because Clinton had a greater share of early and absentee ballots, the decreased number of polling places disproportionally affected Sanders’ supporters, who tended to vote on Election Day. Further, registration tampering, which involves any changes made to party affiliation or registration status without a voter’s consent, occurred throughout the country during the primaries. EJUSA received more than 500,000 verified reports of registration tampering from nearly 20 states. EJUSA also suspects that the majority of registration tampering could only have been carried out by computer hackers. Even more, voter registration tampering affected Democratic voters almost exclusively, because it occurred mostly in states that held closed or semi-closed presidential primaries. On a related note, voter purging involves the forced removal of “undesirable” people from voting. The New York Daily News reported that two top officials from the Brooklyn Board of Elections were suspended without pay and without any public explanation, in response to reports of 121,000 wrongly purged voters. Further, statistical evidence suggests that the percentage of purged voters was a significant predictor of Clinton’s vote share, demonstrating that Senator Sanders was disproportionately affected by the purges. Registration tampering and voter purging have both contributed to the unprecedented number of disqualified affidavit ballots seen in states like Arizona, New York, and California.

Finally, almost all election ballots are counted by computers and cannot be verified by the public. Apart from being non-transparent, this method of counting ballots is also problematic because electronic voting machines can easily be hacked. Essentially, Clintonista computer hackers could have flipped a minimum number of votes spread over a maximum number of polling stations by inserting a malicious code or algorithm into the voting tabulation software. As a result, this code would allow the final number of votes to “remain random in a way that would avoid detection by election fraud analysis tools.” Suspiciously, multiple studies show that across all primary states, Clinton performed best in counties with electronic voting machines that didn’t leave a paper trail.

Additionally, Election Justice USA found that the computer counts differed widely from the exit poll projections, but only for the Democratic Party primaries. According to election analyst Richard Charnin, Bernie Sanders’ exit poll share exceeded his recorded vote share by greater than the margin of error in 11 of 26 primaries: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. Charnin reported that the probability of this occurring is 1 in 77 billion, which raises the strong possibility of election fraud. Yet, almost no discrepancies were found in the data for the Republican Party primaries. This is particularly remarkable, because the exit polls were conducted on the same day, in the same precincts, with the same interviewers, and used the same methodologies for both the parties. So, this evidence suggests that the computer counts were only accurate for the Republican Party, while the computer counts for the Democratic Party primaries remain largely unverified.

The exit polls for the Democratic primaries were conducted by Edison Research, which is the exclusive provider of exit polls to the National Election Pool (NEP), which includes ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press. The National Election Pool has a policy that exit pollsters must adjust and force all state and national exit polls to match the recorded vote count, as if the computerized votes are always correct and as if there is no fraud!

The corporate media’s unquestioning faith in unverified computerized vote counts has prevented them from even acknowledging the possibility that the election results are questionable and suspect. For example, Nate Cohn, of the New York Times, has continually attempted to undermine the use of exit polls as a means to verify the results of computer vote counts. Cohn and other establishment-biased media pundits delegitimize and label those concerned with election integrity as “conspiracy theorists.” Unfortunately, even Charnin has been banned from several news outlets for simply raising the possibility of election fraud. Additionally, the NEP refuses to release the raw, precinct exit poll data that could strengthen the case for election fraud. The NEP claims that they keep this data from the public to maintain “voter confidentiality.” This is especially odd, because the exit poll respondents never reveal their names, so there shouldn’t be any confidentiality issues. To conclude, the combination of suppressing voters, tampering with voter registrations, purging voter rolls, and hacking electronic voting machines could have altered the outcome of the Democratic primaries.

The concerted effort to undermine Sanders’ campaign is bolstered by a leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) email archive, published by WikiLeaks, the whistle blowing website. The emails revealed that top “DNC officials were colluding with journalists from corporate media outlets to marginalize, and in some cases, smear Sanders himself by planting stories.” Some major news organizations, such as Observer, BuzzFeed, ABC, and the Huffington Post, reported on the leaked emails and accused the DNC of failing to remain neutral during the primaries. However, major news organizations have failed to report on any evidence, which raises the possibility that Clintonistas stole the Democratic presidential primaries from Bernie Sanders.


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Student Researcher: Audrey Tuck (University of Vermont)

Faculty Evaluator: Rob Williams (University of Vermont)