CNN Implicated in Cover-Up of CDC Vaccine Fraud

by Vins
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Editorial Note: On further review of the following articles, including some of the more speculative claims made in them, we have decided that the following coverage does not meet the Project’s stated criteria for Validated Independent News stories. Although each of the articles report pertinent facts regarding a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whistle blower, the speculative claims made in each of these articles has, unfortunately, overshadowed that topic. The pertinent issue, as we see it, was less about the debate between advocates and critics of vaccines and more about CDC whistle blowing, internal malfeasance, and a potential media cover-up involving CNN. The original statement by CDC senior scientist William Thompson remains an important news item, which deserves wider public attention, and about which people should be encouraged to inform themselves and to draw their own conclusions.

–Andy Lee Roth, associate director, and Mickey Huff, director

In August 2014, CNN was accused of directly participating in the media blackout of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) vaccine fraud.

CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has admitted to assisting the CDC in producing data that misrepresents the dangers associated with the toxicity levels of the MMR vaccine administered to infants, and the related risk of developing autism. Dr. Thompson had posted his statement about the dangers of this vaccine and falsified data that has been produced by the CDC on the “iReport” section of the CNN website. Despite viewers’ widespread attention to the well-cited story and requests for further coverage of the issue, the story was removed from the website within twenty four hours of its posting. CNN claims that the article was in direct violation of “iReport” policy, though it did not specify the exact violation of policy. The network has been eager to represent pro-vaccine news coverage in favor of the $52 billion vaccine industry.

There has been no coverage by the corporate media with regards to the media blackout of the CDC’s vaccines fraud as of October 5, 2014.


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Due to concerns described in the Editorial Note above, this story is under re-evaluation and is not currently to be understood as a Validated Independent News story.