Coming Up Live Video-Cast from San Francisco Bay Area_Project Censored with Mickey Huff

by Project Censored
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Coming up Thur Feb. 16th 7pm Pacific*10pm Eastern*03:00 GMT (Fri)
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Mounting Evidence

Live Video-Cast from San Francisco
_Project Censored with Mickey Huff
What are you missing from your news media? Mickey Huff presents “Censored 2012,” the top 25 censored news stories of 2010-11. “Censored 2012″ delves into media censorship, democracy, and bias with in-depth analysis, a history of propaganda, and critical investigations of both news stories and their delivery. Mickey Huff is the Director of Project Censored. The mission of Project Censored is to teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society – and to tell the News That Didn’t Make the News and Why.

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This is a book event at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco
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7pm Pacific Thursday, February 16, 2012
2919 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-282-9246

This is a No Lies Radio News Live Video-Cast from San Francisco, California.