Common Heritage Award Winners

by Adam

First Place

Professor James Boyce. “Is Inequality Bad for the Environment.” Research In Social Problems and Public Policy, Volume 15, 267-288. 2008.





Second Place

Cliff Cobb from The Commons in San Francisco

“Broadening the Movement: A Blueprint for Achieving Social Justice through Sharing Common Heritage.”


Honorable Mentions


David Kubiak. “ Mainstreaming Common Heritage, the Mother of all Entitlements.


Jeremy Adam Smith. “How to Design the Commons (or Elinor Ostrom Explained!).”


Elizabeth Grossman. “River Rescue: Citizen Riverkeepers Protect Their Waters.”


Rene Heeskens. GBI Foundation. “Earth Dividend and Global Basic Income: A Promising Partnership.


Mickey Z.


What to Do With 6 Million Tons of Lithium in Bolivia? Leave it Alone.

All That Glitters? 5 Ways to Look Closer at Gold.