Community Control Over Policing and the Crises in Peru

Featuring Max Rameau, Eliana Carlin

by Project Censored
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Community Control Over Policing and the Crises in Peru

As we come to the end of Black History Month, Eleanor Goldfield recently talked with Pan-African theorist, organizer, and author Max Rameau about community control over policing – that’s not community policing. He highlights the importance of shifting power vs reforming institutions, organizing to take power, not ask for it, and the connectedness of all issues from housing and education to policing. Next, Eleanor spoke with Eliana Carlin in Lima, Peru where she leads us through the clash of crises her country and her people are in the midst of – from the deep rot of corruption to the violence of state forces to a constitutionalized neoliberal ideology. Listeners in the US may see our own struggles mirrored on the streets of Peru – a grotesque reflection that we must combat over here and over there, for the sake of all of our connected fights for liberation.

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