Complex Corporate Manipulation Could Cause Privatization of California Water

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California’s most powerful business interests have positioned themselves to pull off the most brazen water heist in American history, seizing control over much of Northern California’s water supplies and turn water into a private asset.  Westlands Water District is trying to control the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by selling the public on an aqueduct system called the Peripheral Canal through fear mongering, installing people in congress and PR campaigns.  They’re trying to push the canal by proposing that it’s the only solution to fixing the decrepit levees in the Delta.  Repair on the levees is about $1 to $5 billion; whereas the Canal would cost tax payers $40 billion.  Governor Schwarzenegger is also backing them by signing a water reform package that deregulates water markets, removes all underground pumping limits and has cryptic language in it that would authorize water projects, such as the canal, without requiring referendum by voters.


Title: The Looming Water Disaster That Could Destroy California

Author: Yasha Levine

News Source: AlterNetDate of Publication: March 25, 2010 URL: Researcher: Sarah Mulroy

Faculty Evaluator: Julie Andrzejewski

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