Consequences Become Clear: Big Environmental Groups Oppose Changes Needed to Save the Earth by Partnering with Corporations

by Project Censored
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Some of the largest and most respected environmental organizations not only have substantially weakened their advocacy for the environment, but have in some cases have actually opposed policies which must be enacted to prevent runaway global warming because of partnerships and financial support from the very corporations causing the worst damage to the planet.  The activism of big mainstream environmental organizations such as Conservation International, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Counsel, has been corrupted into supporting policies which will lead to the faster death of the rainforests and runaway global warming.  Calling real solutions to climate change “unworkable” and “unrealistic,” some US conservation groups support policies that will result in too little too late and in Copenhagen demanded a course of action that will lead to environmental disaster – and financial benefits for themselves – the policy of offset emissions.

Title:  The Wrong Kind of Green: How Conservation Groups are Bargaining Away Our Future

News Sources:  The Nation,  March 22, 2010


Author:  Johann Hari

Researcher:  Julie Andrzejewski,Professor, St. Cloud State University