Controversies at Berkeley, and Long Le Describes New Types of High-Technology “less-lethal” Weapons

by Project Censored

In the first half of the program, a look at recent controversies at the Berkeley, CA public library — accelerated discarding of books, diminution of librarians’ authority, and punishment of whistleblowers — a case study in changes affecting public libraries around the country.  The guests are a city councilman and two retired librarians.

In the second half-hour: U-S police forces will soon be adding new types of high-technology “less-lethal” weapons, but these devices are likely to pose  greater complications for officer accountability and civilian oversight; researcher Long Le explains some of the issues.

Kriss Worthington is a member of the Berkeley City Council; Pat Mullen and Andrea Segall are retired Berkeley librarians.Loan Le is the founder and president of the Institute for Good Government and Inclusion.

Listen to this radio show here