Cosmetic Companies Regulate Lawful Toxicity Level for Profit

by Project Censored
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On average females use twenty personal products everyday while males use about six. Almost all of these products contain toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens, cause allergies, disrupt hormones, irritate skin, and have adverse affects on reproductive and neurological systems.

The companies that make these products also regulate the law on what amount of toxicity that is acceptable to have in their products. These companies claim that their products do not contain dangerous amounts of toxin. Unfortunately, these products do not contain dangerous amounts of toxin used without any other products that also contain toxins.

Cosmetic companies knowingly put toxins in their cosmetics because it allows mass production, thus increasing their profits.  This article proposes that these companies be regulated by the FDA. This would ensure that cosmetics are safe, regardless of how many products are used.

Student researcher: Kayelan Micha Nyako

Facultative evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D.

Indian River State College


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