Cyber Charter Schools designed to Undermine Teacher Unions

by Project Censored
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Cyber Charter Schools have been expanding in numbers in the United States since 2003.  Over 190 schools are now labeled as Cyber Charter Schools. These schools are being called  “21st century learning” which advocates for a more technology based and student-centered curriculum.

Cyber Charter Schools are being used as a way to undermine teachers and in particular teacher unions due to the fact that students are earning full credits for attending these schools without unionized teachers These students are being put through schooling via the internet where teachers work with children through instant messaging and video chatting. This new computer based way of learning requires about half as many teachers as would any other school.

According to Moe and Chubb’s Liberating Learning, technology is destined to save America from its poor scores on the Program for International Student Assessment administered by the global business think-tank, the OECD. Moe, a researcher at the Hoover Institute, and Chubb, an executive with the for-profit Edison Learning charter school chain, believe that online education is that answer because it will make it possible for all students to learn anywhere and any time and because it will be the tool that allows education to finally get rid of “political blocking” caused by unions in defense of high wages.

Technology and Teachers: The Fun They Had Author of Article: Adam

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Publication Source: Daily Censored

Date: March 12, 2010


Student Reaearcher; : Danielle Caruso

Faculty evaluator: Cindy Stearns

Sonoma State University

Professor: Peter Phillips