Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Dale Scott Part 2

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Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Dale Scott Part 2

This week’s Project Censored episode presents a continuation of the May 27 program, the interview of Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Dale Scott together. The two scholars spoke with doctoral student Aaron Good in October 2018. On this week’s program, Ellsberg and Scott discuss issues ranging from the role of scientists in political affairs to the WWII atomic bombing of Japan and the US intervention in Vietnam.


Daniel Ellsberg was a war strategist at the Pentagon, and the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press in 1971. His latest book is The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear-War Planner. Peter Dale Scott is a prolific author who has written on the “deep state,” the JFK assassination, the drug trade, the Sept 11 attacks, and other topics. His web site is www.peterdalescott.net