Dark Days and the Coming of Fascism in the New America

by Project Censored
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The great Greek philosopher, Plato, more than 2000 years ago argued that a democracy will eventually deteriorate into an oligarchy (or plutocracy) which, in time, will further degenerate into a dictatorship where society is ruled by a man exhibiting only the basest of emotions. Today, there is nothing stopping the American republic, which has already devolved into a plutocracy and is recognized as such by even some mainstream political science scholars, from disintegrating further. For certain, after first sparking a democratic revolt (which seems to be happening right now) but later descending into a chaotic political order, the American republic will eventually degenerate into a dictatorship – or “rule by the criminal” – where US society would be guided by those exhibiting only the basest of human emotions. The election of Donald Trump, unfortunately, seems to have proven the great-ancient philosopher correct. This and more is discussed by Jeremy Cloward, Ph.D. in his newest piece Dark Days and the Coming of Fascism in the New America.