Deficit Commission Report Ignores Unemployment: Is Congress Blind?  

by Project Censored
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There is an absolute emergency going on in the country and Congress refuses to see it. In spite of the unemployment rate at a disheartening 9.8%, Congress is considering more tax breaks for the rich and cutting back on programs for the rest of us.
Congress doesn’t see the old, crumbling downtown with empty storefronts, or the rusting old factories where the people used to work before the jobs moved to Mexico or China. So many of the older small towns are deteriorating, the money sucked out by Wall Street elite. The people can’t make a living, the towns can’t make a living, the country can’t make a living, and the Wall Street elite are making a killing.

The priorities of the DC elite do not reflect America’s problems. DC gives us a deficit commission that proposes to cut the lifeline of retirement. There is nothing about investing in our crumbling infrastructure or education or the new green industries that move us away from the oil/coal economy that is draining us and threatening our climate and coastlines. There is nothing about an economic/industrial policy to restore our competitiveness in the world economy.
Congress clearly doesn’t see what the rest of us see, because it is not happening yet in the parts of the country where the well-to-do elite spend their time. And because these plutocrats control all of the levers of power, it is impossible for the rest of us to participate in the system to fix the situation. Maybe we should move the Congress out of DC so they can see for themselves what is happening to America. Maybe then we would finally see improvement.

Title: 9.8 Percent: The Number That the Deficit Commission Left
Publication:, December 3, 2010
Author: Dave Johnson
Faculty Evaluator: Professor Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University
Student Researcher: Stephanie Marion, Sonoma State University