Déjà vu News, a regular feature in Project Censored’s yearbook series, reviews important but under-reported news stories previously highlighted in the Project’s Top 25 lists. Each Déjà vu News chapter assesses whether these stories have received attention in the establishment press and if the coverage is trustworthy. The analysis helps reveal systemic gaps in corporate news coverage and shows how independent news reports can pressure establishment media to address overlooked topics and issues.

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What is Déjà Vu News?

Déjà Vu News analysis, regularly featured as a chapter in the Project’s yearbook series, provides updates on any important developments in the story itself, but the main purpose of Déjà vu News is to determine whether an important news story originally reported by independent news outlets has subsequently received coverage in the establishment press. And, if so, have establishment news outlets provided trustworthy coverage of the issue?


The Project’s yearbook series regularly features a chapter dedicated to Déjà vu News. These analyses help to highlight systemic patterns of omission in corporate news coverage; they also document how independent news coverage of controversial topics can act as a spur to corporate media, applying pressure on establishment news outlets to address topics and issues they might otherwise ignore.