DeOccupy Hope: #ChooseAction

by Adam

Mickey Z.

“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Barack Obama promised hope but what we got was more illegal military interventions, the targeted assassinations of US citizens, and laws that allow the US to indefinitely detain suspects anywhere in the world without charge or trial.

Edward Abbey sez: “When the situation is hopeless, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“We can’t give up hope,” I often hear.

“Keep hope alive,” the saying goes.

“If we lose hope, nothing will ever change”…or so they believe.

Well, I’m here to say: #DeOccupyHope.

Barack Obama promised hope but what we got was more off-shore drilling, fracking, and spurious sonnets to nuclear power and clean (sic) coal.

The corporations raping our eco-system don’t hope they can steal more land, exploit it, despoil it, and make boatloads of cash off of it. They make a plan and they make it happen. (You might even call it “direct action.”)

Monsanto doesn’t put its faith in candlelight vigils or humans standing in the shape of a peace sign, I mean…dollar sign. They get busy putting their people into positions of power, writing legislation, and bullying and smashing anyone opposed to their ecocidal agenda.

Exxon-Mobil doesn’t reserve its opinions for government sanctioned “free speech zones.” Television, Internet, magazines, movies, songs, radio, etc. are all inundated with their taxpayer-subsidized propaganda…just as the planet is inundated with their lethal output.

McDonald’s doesn’t waste time hoping things will go its way. Nope, its days are chock full of brainwashing, killing, poisoning, destroying…and counting profits. Hope never enters into the equation.


Barack Obama promised hope but yet we still have the PATRIOT Act, the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and Dubya’s rendition program.

Derrick Jensen sez: “I don’t hope I take another breath right now, nor that I finish writing this sentence. I just do them. On the other hand, I do hope that the next time I get on a plane, it doesn’t crash. To hope for some result means you have given up any agency concerning it. Many people say they hope the dominant culture stops destroying the world. By saying that, they’ve assumed that the destruction will continue, at least in the short term, and they’ve stepped away from their own ability to participate in stopping it.”

If that sounds an awful lot like religion, well, for most folks, the verb “hope” is virtually synonymous with “pray,” while “hope” the noun is often interchangeable with “faith.” None of these concepts directly points us towards action, do they?


Barack Obama promised hope but chose instead to bail out billionaires while 2,660 children are born into poverty each day in the US.


Henry Miller sez: “Hope is a bad thing … It means that you entertain illusions. It’s a sort of spiritual clap, I should say.”

With Occupy Wall Street leading by example, how about trading in hope for some good old-fashioned anger and passion?

With rebellion rising all across the planet, let’s ditch hope and aim instead for vision, clarity, strategy, courage, creativity, solidarity, and finally: some goddamned results.

Rita Mae Brown sez: “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”

As they say in South Florida: Bingo.

Barack Obama promised hope but what he delivered was the brutal police repression of the Occupy movement.

Take-home message: No matter what bullshit you hear during the upcoming 2012 election (sic) cycle, remember this:

Action is always better than hope.

We are the 99%. Expect us. Join us…

#DeOccupyHope. #OccupyAction. #OccupyEverywhere2012.


Mickey Z. is the author of 11 books, most recently the novel Darker Shade of Green. Until the laws are changed or the power runs out, he can be found on an obscure website called Facebook