Deportation Raids, ‘Structural Violence’ Spur Unified Resistance by People of Color

by Vins
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Has anybody heard of the black and brown people uniting to stop deportation raids? Writing for Truthout, Kelly Hayes reported on a massive protest in Chicago on February 15, 2016 at the regional Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office. The protest took place as presidential candidates including Donald Trump were in town for Super Tuesday.

Hayes reported that the protesters raised concerns beyond ICE deportations, linking recent raids to “the broader spectrum of structural violence that threatens Brown and Black people in the United States… As Brown and Black activists stood side-by-side in defiance of the state, protest organizers made it clear that their concerns were broader than the recently publicized raids.” The coalition of groups that carried out the blockade engaged in a “sweeping condemnation of the state violence both communities face,” Hayes wrote.

Nonetheless, despite the significant presence on a prominent city street, the only Chicago news that went viral that day was #SuperTuesday, not #StopTheRaids. As of March 30, 2016, no corporate news outlets appear to have covered the Chicago protest.

Source: Kelly Hayes, “Black and Brown Power Unite to Stop Deportation Raids,” Truthout, March 4, 2016,

Student Researcher: Ashley Sillas (Citrus College)

Faculty Evaluator: Andy Lee Roth (Citrus College)