Depriving Human Rights to Sweden’s Transgender Community: How the Government Refuses to Provide Compensation for Forced Sterilization

by Project Censored
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A country that has been known for its forward- thinking and progressive way of doing things seemed to have been contradicting itself when it came to the human rights of the country’s transgender population. In a nation that endorses equality for all, this belief was put into question throughout the transgender community, who were forced to receive sterilization in order to complete their sex changes.

This practice, which was not banned until earlier this year, was an obligatory operation for transsexuals who wanted their sex change to be recognized officially by authorities and the government. “Sterilization was an unnecessary price to pay but if you indicated that you weren’t willing to do it, that could have put an end to the sex change procedure…” stated Nova Colliander, a 31 year old who completed her transformation in 2010 from a man to a woman.

Forced sterilization, a process that Sweden has been familiar with due to their eugenics program that lasted from 1935 to 1996, previously provided compensation to 230,000 victims who were required to submit to the procedure. However, receiving payment for such damages has not been the case for those of the transgender community. Arguing that they did no wrong, the government refuses to pay, leaving thousands of people not only disappointed in their leaders, but also legitimately incapable of having children of their own.

Title; Swedish Transgender People Seek Damages for Forced Sterilizations
Source: Raw Story, February 27, 2013
From: Agence France-Presse

Student Researcher: Amy Gill, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Noel Byrne, PhD, Sonoma State University