Documents Reveal Government Knew Decades Ago about Health Impact of Wireless Tech

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Research scientist Zorach Glaser spent decades archiving studies that examine the link between specific health issues and exposure to microwave and radio frequencies. His career spans decades working for the US Navy, the US Public Health Service, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. and the US Food and Drug Administration’s Bureau of Radiological Health.

Glaser’s extensive archive of nearly 4,000 documents, now available to the public, provides clear evidence that the US government, and in particular the military, has known for decades of the harm wireless technology can cause to human health—long before cell phones and other wifi technology were commercialized in the early 1980s.

Beginning in World War II, soldiers working with radar and radio telecommunications systems began to complain of adverse health effects. Dr. Glaser, was assigned by the Navy’s Naval Medical Research Center to investigate. He spent a decade studying what came to be known as “Radiation Sickness /Microwave Sickness.”

Published in 1971, Glaser’s report, “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (“Effects”) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation,” references more than 2,300 studies showing multiple adverse biological responses to radio- and microwave-frequency radiation.

Pages 5-12 of the report’s bibliography list these adverse effects, including damage to vital organs and other tissues and the central nervous system, physiological and psychological effects, blood and vascular disorders, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders, and changes in endocrine function and the microscopic anatomy of biological tissues.

At the time of Glaser’s study, “it was mostly only military personnel who were exposed to high levels of microwaves and RF radiation and who developed Microwave/Radiation Sickness,” Dafna Tachover reported for the Defender. “But today, the whole population is exposed to levels of radiation which are millions and sometimes billions of times higher than they were when Glaser started his work a few decades ago.”

The “Microwave Sickness” symptoms suffered then by the military personnel are now widely seen among growing numbers of people in the general population who are exposed to the “electro-smog pollution” from wireless devices, Tachover wrote. The sickness, also referred to as electro-sensitivity, is estimated to affect ten percent of the general population.

Glaser donated his findings to Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor of environmental and resource studies at Trent University in Canada. Havas and her team have been working for a decade to make Glaser’s documents available to the public. They have scanned 20 out of the 25 boxes of Glaser’s archives, and the corporate media have yet to respond to this news story.

Havas and Glaser invite the public, and especially scholars, to get involved in the study of these historical resources and in helping to raise awareness about the harmful effects of wireless technology.

Source: Dafna Tachover, “Archive of 4,000 Documents Reveals Government Knew Decades Ago About Health Impact of Wireless Technology,” The Defender (Children’s Health Defense), December 21, 2020:

Student Researcher: Paulina Balderas-Briones (San Francisco State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows (San Francisco State University)