Donald Trump is a Political Aberration

by Project Censored
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Donald Trump is a Political Aberration

Nolan, Nicholas, and Desiree begin the program with a roundtable critique of the corporate-media’s coverage of recent domestic-spying revelations, as well as the issue of whether or not Donald Trump is a political aberration; then Alicia Huartado provides updates on work in progress at Project Censored. For the remainder of the program, the hosts interview two guests on the topic of critical media literacy; first, Allison Butler discusses the need for media literacy in the context of the “post-truth” Trump administration. Then Bill Yousman explains the unique MA program in media literacy offered at his campus.

Allison Butler is a lecturer in Communications at the University of Massachusetts, and the Director of the media-literacy education organization Mass Media Literacy. Bill Yousman directs the graduate program in Media Literacy and Digital Culture at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut; he’s also the author of “The Spike Lee Enigma.”