Doubts Regarding White House “Proof” That Syria Used Chemical Weapons

by Vins
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The White House website document alleging proof that the Syrian government used Sarin gas on its own people is too flawed and lacking in real proof to make a strong case, Dave Lindorf of ThisCan’tBeHappening reports. There is no documentary proof, maps, surveillance photos, or expert witnesses; only assertions based on unrevealed evidence. Among the reasons given by the White House for its secrecy are protecting its sources and methods. No reports from physicians working in Syria have been presented. Although it is probable that many people were hurt or killed by Sarin gas, there is no clarity regarding who may have released it.

The White House did not identity any of the sources that it asserted offered proof of an August 2013 chemical weapons attack in Damascus suburbs. It also admitted to not having confirmation that it was the Syrian government responsible for the attack. The White House used fact and evidence-free arguments in favor of Bashar al-Assad being the one responsible, including the falsehood that the rebels never used Sarin themselves. Additionally, the White House failed to provide evidence for the claims that the Syrian military was planning to use Sarin, as well as describing the Assad regime as using rockets and artillery, which was already happening for two years prior. A particularly suspicious part of the document states a 90-minute gap between the rocket attack and the first report of a chemical attack, something that makes no sense given modern media.

The most that the document offered as evidence was about 100 Internet videos, without verification of authenticity, supposedly showing the gas attack. The fact that foreign allies have not provided any hard evidence indicates that Washington has not shared the classified evidence if it is even real.

Although multiple corporate media outlets have covered the documents themselves, as of September 16, 2013, the corporate media has not addressed the documents’ flaws.


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Student Researcher: Noah Tenney (Sonoma State University)

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