Effects of Budget Cuts in America

by Project Censored
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There are many examples in American news today that budget cuts are supposedly a necessity to help America as a whole. Unfortunately the programs and projects which are already lacking funds and require more funding are the ones being cut. The state is responsible for deciding what they will cut in their budget. There are many vast examples of unfairly misguided budget cuts. The cuts mainly affect the funding of school programs, welfare funding, human needs programs, social work programs, health programs, Planned Parenthood programs, libraries, and programs that in general need to stay alive and all of these clearly and inevitably need more money to be successful. Every resident of every state is burdened by the fact that budget cuts are not only on the horizon but are hitting home.

The state of California has been dramatically affected by the most recent budget cuts. In California there was already an estimated $25 billion plus budget gap and now the government is calling for some $12.5 billion in cuts. This cut will affect all aspects of society in California and their future. The projected amount being cut from schools and colleges alone is around $6 billion and is predicted to possibly increase. Another growing projection on California’s future is a $4 billion cut in prisons, and the majority of that cutting is human health and social services programs which are detrimental to changing the conditions of today for an improved future.

Student Researcher: Jessica Drew
Faculty Instructor: Elliot Cohen
Indian River State College

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