Elinor Ostrom Explained and the Commons

by Adam

In 2009, author/activist Jeremy Adam Smith wrote an essay that explained Elinor Ostrom’s contribution to understanding resource sharing. www.shareable.net.

Smith’s complete works are list on his web site www.jeremyadamsmith.com.

Elinor Olstrom’s ideas and solutions for a sharable society can be found on YouTube.

In particular, this Nobel Prize winner has based her sharable living solutions on basic design principles. Form, function and principle are key elements for human organizations. Briefly, Ostrom found that successful groups followed these design principles: clearly defined group boundaries, collective goods are matched to local needs: self-regulated rules, community member’s follow a system for monitoring behavior; lost cost conflict resolution available and larger system monitoring common-pool resources. These ideas reflect Ostrom’s understanding and proof that private property is not the only effective method to prevent finite resources from ruin or depletion.