Emergency Financial Manager Bill Passes Michigan Senate

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With over 1,000 union members and supporters on the lawn, and hundreds packing the Capitol dome chanting “kill the bill,” the Republican controlled state Senate in Michigan passed the controversial “Emergency Financial Managers” Bill 153.  The bill is expected to be signed into law by Republican Governor Rick Snyder after a conference committee reconciles the differences in each bodies version of the bill.

The Emergency Financial Manager Bill would allow the State Treasurer to determine the existence of a local governments financial crisis and then the Governor would appoint a financial reviewing team and the appointed Emergency Manager would have the power to: renegotiate or terminate the terms of an existing collective bargaining contract, disincorporate or dissolve municipal governments, consolidate municipalities, reorganize school districts and change academic plans, strip local governing bodies of any powers of office, recommend local governments to file for bankruptcy, exempt governing members from running for office for six years, and exempt local government from collective bargaining requirements for five years or until termination of the emergency state.

The Legislature could only remove an Emergency Manager with a two-thirds vote from each house.  This bill will strip collective bargaining rights, reduce transparency of Government and allow for dramatic changes without the consent of the citizenry or their elected officials.  Critics argue that the deep cuts in school funding and revenue sharing proposed by Gov. Snyder and Republican legislators could push many cities over the brink into bankruptcy, dramatically increasing the number of cities under control of the state-appointed emergency managers that will have unprecedented and many argue unconstitutional powers.

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