Empire on Steroids: UK, Israel Trade and Military Alliance Hits Warp Speed

by Vins
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Since 2015, the United Kingdom has increased by 1,100 percent its military arms licenses for defense firms exporting to Israel. As a result, Israel has gone on a military shopping spree, loading up on hardware such as small arms ammunition, missiles, weapon sights, and sniper rifles.

The increase in licenses from $26 million in 2015 to nearly $290 million in 2017 has made Israel the UK’s eighth largest market for UK arms companies. In total, over the past five years Israel has bought nearly $500,000,000 worth of UK military hardware. The UK is now Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe, and third largest worldwide.

Critics of the arms sales claim Britain has an unreported military alliance with Israel and is “colluding” in “war crimes” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


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Student Researcher: Dylan F. Switala (Drew University)

Faculty Evaluator: Lisa Lynch (Drew University)