Episode 25: The Mueller Investigation Part 2

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Episode 25: The Mueller Investigation Part 2

On this episode of Along the Line, Dr. Dreadlocks Nicholas Baham III, Dr. Nolan Higdon, and Janice Domingo analyze  the Mueller Investigation since December of 2018. The Mueller Investigation Part 1 synthesized the investigation and its findings until December of 2018. With the Mueller Report released in April 2019, this episode covers the events since December 2018: Michael Cohen’s testimony; William Barr’s Summary; the news media’s failures and successes; and the political maneuvering in response to the report. ATL’s Creative Director is Jorge Ayala. Mickey Huff is ATL’s producer. ATL’s engineer is Janice Domingo. Adam Armstrong is ATL’s webmaster. Listen to all of our previous content at ProjectCensored.org/atl Contact us on Twitter at @Nolan_Higdon @DOCTORDredlocks @j_nice44 Check out United States of Distraction by Higdon and Huff at www.citylights.com/book/?GCOI=87286100388060 Follow and Subscribe the Along The Line Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/AlongTheLine Instagram: AlongTheLineShow Send us as Email alongthelinepodcast@gmail.com