Ethics Alert on DEA Officers in Bed with Columbian Cartel Story

by Project Censored


This an update on this story.

Setting a good and stable example for this country was not on some of the minds of DEA agents. As an investigation is underway, the DEA’s general delay and unwillingness to comply with the investigation has raised concerns. Also according to the U. S. Inspector General (IG) report, “The DEA, ATF, and Marshals Service repeatedly failed to report all risky or improper sexual behavior to security personnel at those agencies.” There are 10 DEA agents who have already admitted to having participated in these “sex parties.” What makes this even worse is that they only received a two to ten day suspension for the crime. This is minimal punishment for what they are doing which looks like they are dealing with this with very little concern. This also shows that the people who are dealing with it do not care about the girls or boys this is happening to. Not only is this a moral issue, but it is also a crime!  Crimes should be punished. But the people who are supposed to be taking care of this aren’t doing their jobs effectively. If they were, they would punish these crimes accordingly.

There are also reports of more than 54 young girls getting sexually abused by U.S. security forces between 203 and 2007, filmed during the assault, and the footage sold for pornography by United States military personnel. Another incident included the drugging and raping of a 12 year old girl inside a military base by a United States sergeant and defense contractor, who were then later flown safely out of the country, while the girl and her family were forced from their home after receiving threats from “forces loyal to the suspects,” as Colombia Reports described them. As such, the family members can’t even try to get past grieving to seek justice for their daughter without looking over their shoulders.

The abuse cases documented in last month’s report have been met with impunity, as Colombian prosecutors’ hands have been tied by U.S.-Colombian agreements giving the U. S. security forces in Colombia immunity. So these actions are just going to keep happening because there are no repercussions. The U. S. security forces are not scared of the law because the “law” is on their side and they can get away with it. This isn’t fair to the families of these poor innocent kids who have already been through so much, and then they see their own country just stab them in the back by letting the suspects go with not even a slap on the wrist. Now they have to grow up not trusting anyone and thinking this world is a terrible place. We are supposed to be over there protecting the youth and helping the country prosper.

Plan Colombia is a total bust. Columbian citizens are afraid to do anything to anger the cartels, and the U. S. security is not trustworthy. Unfortunately, the U.S. appears to be hiding its involvement in these heinous crimes, and the corporate media is not covering the story.