Europe Ponders U.S Election Results

by Project Censored
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After the recent U.S. presidential election, Europeans praised the selection of Barack Obama but also had speculations from the beginning that the U.S. government would return back toward the Bush-Cheney period. At a conference this past September (2010), many conservative Europeans attended and commented on the most eye-catching observations about America. There was a dominant view that the U.S. has been dealing with the harshness of the recession along with the dilemmas of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the overall inability to “change.” With Obama’s failure at the Copenhagen meeting on climate change along with other struggles, Europeans began questioning what the real American problem was. They determined the problem was more intense and was concerned more with America’s broken political system, which would prevent any leader like Obama, from conveying. With the large amount of venting these conservative Europeans did at the conference, there is no question about how they would have voted if they were allowed to vote in America at the time. However, the results of the election left striking headlines throughout the European media questioning whether or not the American dream was over.

Source: Hill, Steven (2010, Nov 13). “Europe ponders U.S election results,”,

Student Researcher: Stacey L. Finley

Faculty Evaluator: Dr. Christina M. Knopf Department of English & Communication, SUNY Potsdam