Event in Chile Attempts to Dispel Stereotypes of Women

by Mickey Huff
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This article discusses how Latin American singer and gender studies degree holder, Francisca Valenzuela, is working to raise awareness of Latin America’s stereotyped gender role of women by creating an all-female musical festival in Chile. Women in Chile are perceived as props and objects to many of the male performers, but Valenzuela is working against this by providing an event for women to speak out against this. While she is focused on helping women advance in the music industry, she is also interested in speaking about feminism and helping women as a whole.

The article has graphs to help depict the abortion and domestic violence laws within the many different countries of Latin America. While Valenzuela is only hosting this event in Chile, she is hoping to reach out to other Latin American countries as well.


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Student Researcher: Heather Parrett, Indian River State College

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