Evictions of Quake Survivors Continue in Haiti

by Project Censored
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The Haitian Civil Protection Office is forcing displaced survivors of the 2010 earthquake out of the improvised shelters they have lived in for three years, offering them no alternative housing.

According to Amnesty International, the evictions are ongoing, with the Haitian government promising evictees 20,000 gourdes (approximately $473 USD) per affected family, to find new housing. Only around 20 percent of evictees, however, have received the meager benefits, with others claiming that government officials are mainly doling out funds to cronies, leaving many without shelter and without money to rebuild.

Part of the problem stems from a shortage of funds, with most of the international relief aid that nations promised in the aftermath of the earthquake, never materializing. The U.S., for example, has provided only approximately 30 percent of promised relief aid., Canada,  by contrast, has given over 90 percent of what it promised.

Canadian author and activist Yves Engler, however, asserts that Canada’s contributions stem from self-interest, strategically supporting that nation’s mining interests in Haiti. While international human rights groups are trying to keep the ongoing plight of Haitian earthquake victims in the news, most of the global press has moved on, essentially dismissing their plight as old news.



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