Ex-Scientologist Guzzled Bleach In Desperate Escape Attempt From Cult’s Hellish Gulag

by Mickey Huff
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A former Scientologist was forced to spend three years performing hard labor after she was caught kissing another women. Nora Crest was a life counselor, where she mentored the children of Tom Cruise and John Travolta, before she was caught becoming attracted to women. After Nora was caught having same sex relations, she was put in a rehabilitation project in March of 2000. She was required to do 80 hours a week of hard labor. Nora was beaten every time she talked to another woman or stepped out of line in any way. Eventually, she begged the church to let her go but if they did let her go, she could never see her mother or sister at all. The church threatened to split her family up. She eventually was allowed to leave when she took matters into her own hands. When Crest was in a utility closet, she found an industrial sized bottle of bleach. She then drank a quarter of a cup of the bleach. After that, she was brought to the hospital and the church finally offered her a way out. Nora Crest was finally free from that estranged life.


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