Factory fire in Bangladesh kills up to 28 workers

by Project Censored
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A fire in a garment factory left at least 28 dead and several wounded people in December 2010. The deceased were workers from Thats’s It Sportswear Ltd. factory, which used to produce garment for international brands such as Gap and Wrangler. As mentioned in first reports, at least two out of the six factory exits were closed at the fire moment.

According to Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) international network, the factory belonged to Ha–meen business group, one of Bangladesh mayor manufacturers. Ha-meem is known for “a doubtful record on labour rights respect”, said by CCC. Companies such as Inditex, Carrefour, H&M, Next and Walmart, among many others, count on Ha-meem as one of their suppliers.

During year 2010, three more fires took place in Bangladesh garment factories, the most serious of which killed up to 21 people in February. Since year 2000, 273 have deceased in similar labour accidents in Bangladesh.

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Student Researchers: Joan Pedro, Luis Luján
Faculty Evaluator: Dra. Ana I. Segovia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid (Spain)