Father Slays Transgender Child

by Project Censored

In today’s age the controversy within our communities to define gender as either male or female is growing, as some people may be transgender.  It’s hard for some people to fully understand what being transgender actually is.  To be transgender is to not conform to the notions of the male and female gender separately.  Therefore, someone who was born as a male could later grow up and realize that they identify themselves as female or both genders.  This population is misunderstood and underrepresented. This has led to increasing violence directed towards people who are transgender.

For example, Bri Golec is a 22 year old who was born as a female, however, over the last year has begun to identify as a male, Brian Golec. This past February Brian’s father, Kevin Golec, disapproved of his daughter’s choice so much that he stabbed his own child to death.  Mr.Golec called 911 after the stabbing to report that a cult had come into their home and attacked them both. His claim continued to describe a scene in which he tried to protect Brian by fighting the cult off, but was overtaken and Brian killed. Upon arrival, the emergency team shortly discovered Mr.Golec’s deception and he was later arrested for the hateful murder of his transgender child.


David Edwards, “Ohio dad stabs gender non-comforming child to death, tells police that ‘son was in a cult’” February 16, 2015 http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/02/ohio-dad-stabs-transgender-daughter-to-death-tells-police-that-son-was-in-a-cult/

Student Researcher: Rebeckah Jasa, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., Indian River State College

Ethical Alert

Being transgender in today’s society continues to be a difficult challenge, not only due to disapproving people, but also due to having the constant struggle of defining your gender to a closed minded community. This is seen in public restrooms that classify gender as male or female, whereas there can be controversy about which of these a transgender person should choose. For example, suppose there is a transgender man that identifies as a female and walks into a female restroom.  The other females in the restroom may get upset, but this person identifies as female. Another objection has been that when you allow male to female transgenders to use female restrooms, what is stopping a man from dressing like a woman to gain easy access to take advantage of women? Unfortunately, society has not yet dealt constructively with such issues, thereby leaving transgender people to fend for themselves in a transgender-phobic culture.  The murder of Brian Golec is one, among many, clear manifestations of such a disillusioned culture.

With the complexity and sensitivity of these issues, it is difficult for transgender people to find a way to live without daily conflict or fear. If this problem were carefully and empathetically discussed in the news every day and we as people of today’s generation took the opportunity to open up the lines of communication about transgender equality, then this might dispel much of the discrimination against this disenfranchised group of people.  With this, we, as a culture, could then hope to move towards a more open-minded and accepting way of thinking about gender identity and equality.