FDA Aims to Reduce Animal Testing and End Use of Dogs as Test Subjects

by Vins
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The FDA is trying to reduce the frequency of animal testing and, in some cases, trying to end the use of dogs as test subjects, according to a November 2018 statement issued by the agency’s commissioner, Scott Gottlieb. The reason some companies use dogs for experimentation is because dogs are similar to humans when it comes to diseases of the heart and lungs, cancers, aging, and orthopedics. The FDA is investigating new technologies that could help to reduce, replace, or refine the need for animal testing.
Source: Caitlin Foster, “The FDA Is Taking Steps to Reduce Testing on Dogs While the VA Doubles Down on Its Harmful Experiments,” Business Insider, November 16, 2018, www.businessinsider.com/fda-takes-steps-to-reduce-dog-testing-while-va-doubles-down-2018-11.
Student Researcher: Siraj Romdhane (Indian River State College)
Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen (Indian River State College)