FDA Approves First GMO Vaccine

by Vins
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The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new influenza vaccine for sale in the United States containing genetically modified organisms. The vaccine, Flublok, includes recombinant DNA technology and an insect virus called baculovirus. Insect cells programmed to produce hemagglutinin, a flu virus protein necessary for entry of the virus into the body’s cells.

Flu vaccines have traditionally been made using egg cultures. The GMO ingredients will allow Flublok’s creator, Protein Sciences Corporation, to speed production of Flublok and similar vaccines in the event of a pandemic.

The capacity to quickly generate abundant amounts of vaccines may have drawbacks. Serious side effects potentially associated with GMO vaccines include the deadly nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Further, two test participants died during clinical trials for Flublok. Despite the risk of side effects, Protein Sciences claims the vaccine is safe for human consumption.

In fall 2012 the FDA also approved Novartis’ Flucelvax, a flu vaccine using cells from dog kidneys. The GMO technology behind such vaccines stems from a $1 billion Health and Human Services grant earmarked to examine speedier manufacturing methods.

Corporate media such as the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters also reported on Flublok. However, their reportage highlighted regulatory and corporate pronouncements emphasizing new manufacturing efficiencies and the anticipated safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, while downplaying the dangerous side effects.

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