FDA Mulls Approval of Genetically Modified Babies

by Vins
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In October 2013 the FDA held a meeting to discuss the approval of genetic modification within the human egg. Germline modification, which involves taking genetic material from a second woman, causing three parent babies will be the main issue talked over. The meeting will be the first ever the FDA has held open to the public and will also be broadcasted over the web.

If the FDA votes for approval to move towards human trials of genetically modified babies it would be the first instance of such, ever. The pro argument is that couples with a serious genetic disease can select certain traits to ensure their child is disease-free. On the other hand the negative is that it would create designer babies and those who cannot afford the process would become a new class of underdogs.

Genetically modified babies has long been a controversial topic and has even been banned previously in majority of nations including the US and UK. Despite the controversy human gene therapy has been going on since 1990 but has never involved heritable genes until now. With new techniques the idea is now being considered and in June of 2013 the United Kingdom reversed it’s long time policy against germline modification Even though it will be held publicly, this specific meeting has not been discussed in corporate media and the FDA warns it may be rescheduled without notice.


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