by Project Censored

Are you a media consumer concerned about fake news?

Are you an educator interested in adding media literacy to your courses?

Are you a student who wants to study media, propaganda, and censorship?

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  • Protecting Media Consumers in the digital age
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • Empowering Students to use Media as a Tool for Social Justice

Project Censored ( is a media research, education and advocacy initiative, focused on service learning and community engagement. Since 1976, Project Censored has hosted thousands of events that have trained educators, students, and concerned citizens how to be media literate. Project Censored’s journalistic activities include publication of an annual book featuring news stories omitted or significantly under-reported by the “mainstream” corporate new media; a weekly syndicated public affairs radio program; and under its parent non-profit Media Freedom Foundation, coordinates with the new Journal of Critical Media Literacy, and The Global Critical Media Literacy Project. The work of Project Censored has been featured in the New York Times, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, NBC, CBS, PBS, and scores of independent publications around the world. Project Censored’s work also includes contributions from an international network of educators, students, activists, and advocates including Ralph Nader, Deepa Kumar, the late Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Khalil Bendib, Abby Martin, Mnar Muhawesh, and Nicholas Johnson, to name a few. If you wish to host a workshop, students and faculty from Project Censored will lead a hands-on event tailored to your campus that can focus on educators, students, and/or community members.

For more information or to schedule a talk or workshop, contact Mickey Huff at or call 707-241-4596