Final Destruction of Iran…

by Project Censored
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In response to Iran’s supposed nuclear capabilities the US shipped “bunker-buster” bombs from California to Diego Garcia, a British island used by US for military purposes. These weapons of mass destruction are being set in place, if Iran cannot be persuaded out of producing nuclear weapons. Once again the US has built a military base at the sake of others, under agreement in 1971, on the British Territory forcing many natives off of their land.

Diego Garcia will be used to hold detrimental Blu-bombs which will be carried from Concord, CA to the British island in the Indian Ocean. The US has not exposed their extensive preparations for the attack on Iran adding suspicion to the probable altercation. Rob Edwards writes regarding the concerns of Ian Davis, director of the independent think tank, Nato Watch,  Davis asserts that we need clarification is the US’ intentions for the weapons, jointly with British Foreign Office’s attitude of Diego Garcia use to attack Iran. The decision will be left up to President Obama to decide who will provide more benefits as the resolution for such a threat, US or Israel. Edwards brought up the questions of necessity within the essay. This should lead many to ask if our government is taking the procedural steps in protecting the nation or it they are further deepening our sacrificial military components. Title: “Final Destination Iran?.”

Author: Edwards, Rob

Source: Herald Scotland (2010) 15 Mar 2010


Student Researcher: Lacy Person

Faculty Evaluator: Tryon Woods

Professor: Peter Phillips

Sonoma State University