Financial Aid Qualifications Unfair

by Project Censored
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After graduating High School, many students move away from home to try and make it on their own with little to no financial support from their parents. These young adults must be responsible to pay for rent, food, gas, clothing, and all other necessary expenses for survival. As a requirement for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if the student “is not 23 years of age, married, have children or other dependents receiving more than half of their support from the student, enrolled as a graduate or doctoral student, a veteran or member of the U.S. military or an orphan or ward of the court since the age of 18”, then the student must list his or her parents’ income on the application which may prevent them from qualifying for Financial Aid. This is unfair since the parents’ income does not affect them, so the student should not have to report it; The rules should be changed so that if students can prove that they are living independently from their parents, then their income should be the only income reported and considered when evaluating financial need.

Student Researcher: Gabriela Hery
Faculty Instructor: Elliot Cohen
Evaluator: Suzyn Elaine
Indian River State College
Sources: “Editorial: Financial Aid Qualifications Unfair”, The Ranger, November 16th, 2006