Five Positive Ways to Prepare for Climate Change and Future Resilience

by Vins
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Knowing the repercussions of climate change can motivate us to prepare for what is coming. And our best line of defense for a volatile future is resilience. Suzanne Lindgren reports five simple and enjoyable things anyone can do to prepare for a resilient future:

The first step: cultivate diversity, i.e. genetic diversity is the best bet for life to continue to adapt and evolve. Try the purple carrots, next time you’re at the farmer’s market.

The second step: strengthen your community. This means creating social networks that really support, teach and have compassion for one another.

The third step is to learn a trade or skill to share – skills to help you and your community thrive outside the mainstream economy: i.e. beekeeping, brewing, knitting, music-making, herbal medicines, massage, midwifery, etc.

The fourth step is to practice sharing, i.e. starting or participating in a community garden or orchard or seed fair. It wouldn’t hurt to share tools, skills or neighborly help as well.

The last step is to join the resistance. There are so many cool ways to help slow the economic momentum that’s driving climate change and be a part of the emerging ecological future. Pick a cause. Action is a healing tonic – for yourself and the earth.

Source: Suzanne Lindgren, “Resilience,” Utne Blog: Invisible Ink, February 14, 2014,

Student Researcher: Kathleen Ortega (San Francisco State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows (San Francisco State University)