Florida Imprisons Black Children for Life

by Project Censored
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There are 73 children, 14 and younger, who have been imprisoned for life without parole Florida. 84 percent of prisoners in Flordia are black, and African American youths are serving life without parole 10 times that of white youths. For the age 13 and younger, there are nine kids serving life in prison including both homicide and non-homicide

In the 90’s there was the myth of the “super predator” which was introduced as packs of mostly Black and Latino kids who were “wilding” or being rowdy and said to be the new breed of criminal. What people didn’t know was that by stereotyping these packs of minority kids as the “super predator” they created a monsterous stereotype that led to many faulty arrests.

One of the key persons who created the idea of the “super predator” was John DiIulio, a professor at Princeton, who stated he was wrong, but still many groups of black teens were targeted, arrested, and paid for the mistake.

Title: Ugly Truth Most U.S. Kids Sentenced to Die In Prison Are Black

Author: Liliana Segura

Source: Alternet.org, 11/11/09


Student Researcher: Garet West

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips

Sonoma State University