Fraudulent Election Practices in El Salvador by Right Wing ARENA Party: Left Wing FMLN Still Wins Despite US Involvement

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On March 15, 2009 Mauricio Funes won the presidential election in El Salvador.  He was the candidate from the Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (Farabundo Marti for National Liberation), FMLN, left wing party.

A few days before the election a U.S. House Republican representative, Dana Rohrabacher(CA) said, “El Salvador’s election is on Sunday. If an ally of Al-Qaeda and Iran comes to power in El Salvador, the national security interests of the United States will require certain immigration restrictions and controls over the flow of the $4 billion in annual remittances sent from the U.S. back home to El Salvador.” Also Dan Burton (R-IN) made similar remarks. The mainstream media in El Salvador provided extensive coverage of the Republicans’ statements. This was a scare tactic where many Salvadorian news media reported that the TPS program (Temporary protection status) would be eliminated by U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) for Salvadorian U.S. Residents

However, two days before the election the U.S. Embassy delivered a strong statement of neutrality distancing the Obama administration from the threats of the Republican representatives and promising to work with whichever party won.

Additionally many Salvadorian citizens were threaten by their employers and were told that they had to vote for Arena or be fired and even demanded employees to take a picture of their ballot to verify that they had cast their vote for  right wing ARENA, Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (National Republican Alliance).

The night before the election  there were reports of foreigners from neighboring Guatemala, Nicaragua  and Honduras being bussed in and housed overnight in public government buildings and the national ARENA headquarters.  Observers also saw dozens of mattresses trucked in and rapidly unloaded. In both instances ARENA officials appeared on the scene without a reasonable explanation for what was going on.

These foreigners were given fraudulent DUIs, Documentos Unicos de Identidad (Unique Identification Documents). There were reports of foreigners trying to pass as Salvadorian citizens and even a local TV reported a “Nicaraguan who had apparently voted 3 times in San Miguel before being caught by authorities.” Arena had also refused to supply equipment allowing poll workers to verify DUIs, there was no way to check the real identity of any voters.

FMLN members woke up at 2:00 am on election day to watch over the roads leading to the municipalities to prevent illegal voters from entering their towns. In San Salvador and San Miguel local residents as well as FMLN activist locked arms and sealed off buildings where foreigners were housed, vowing not to let anyone leave on election day.

Despite all of these illegal fraudulent activities, FMLN won with 57% to 36% lead.

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