Gaza Needs Fair Trade, not Aid

by Project Censored
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Student Researcher: April Rudolph

The Israelis who bombed Gaza will be the primary financial beneficiaries of the rebuilding of Gaza. They bombed it and now will sell construction materials and oversee contracts to rebuild what they have bombed. Israel sealed Gaza off from any trade, which has led to the crumble of their economy. Recent Israeli bombing has further left the Gazan population with homes, businesses, and factories to rebuild and a blockade on materials to do so with. Eighteen months ago Palestinians voted for the leadership of Hamas in democratic elections, which led Israel to impose a total lockdown on the entire population of Gaza. This lockdown led Palestinians to dig tunnels to facilitate some sort of economy for survival. The people of Gaza have been struggling to maintain any sort of economy and now with the need for materials to rebuild all means of production, which Israel has destroyed, the future for this population is extraordinarily challenged. Building supplies will have to be brought from outside Gaza.  Israel controls 90 percent of the land borders to Gaza-the northern and eastern borders and 100 percent of the ocean on the west side of Gaza.  Egypt controls the southern border with Gaza.


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