Genetic Manipulation in Farm Animals

by Project Censored
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Farm animals of today are so pumped full of steroids and growth hormones that is it decreasing their quality of life significantly. The American meat producers’ goal is to produce the meatiest animals regardless of the effects on the quality of their lives. An article in the Journal of Animal Science shed some light on exactly what goes on in America’s meat producing warehouses. These warehouses and meat plants produce chickens so muscular that their bones break with just movement; “double muscled” calves that are so huge they can only be birthed by caesarian section; and turkeys that are so top heavy with muscle that they can no longer mate. While these mutant animals produce massive amounts of their meats, they are very unhealthy. With natural selection being handled by the workers and not by nature, the animals have no immune systems to protect them from sickness. The farm animal’s quality of life is greatly decreased since the introduction of these genetic mutations. The animals are constantly in chronic pain due to the massiveness of their muscles, and their bones cannot take the strain.

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Student Researcher: Amber Davis

Faculty Instructor: Elliot Cohen Ph.D.

Indian River State College