Global Politicians Blame Each Other and Ignore Climate Change

by Project Censored
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Climate change is causing species extinction at a rate approximately 1,000 times normal. Leading politicians seldom take a strong stand on the crisis.  Instead it is easy for countries to blame each other and do nothing specific to address the issue.

The United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen is quickly approaching and climate change is our most substantial problem as living organisms. Our climate is being dramatically affected as we demolish coral reefs, wetlands, and forests. The earth has too many people for it to maintain a healthy infrastructure.

Politicians think that climate change is not a priority as of now, but think more of it being something to worry about in the future. In past cases US would blame China and India for mass production and developing countries would blame the industrialization of the western countries. Many world leaders and politicians are scared to talk about climate change, let alone take action on the issue.

Groups such as the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds are pushing for immediate action. The government has been promising change since a convention in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, but still no changes. We are in a state of a man made climate change and without direct attention we will have no fisheries, forests, wildlife, wetlands, or a functioning earth. Society needs to look into our potential problems and our governments need to react immediately.

Title:  Global Politicians Blame Each Other and Ignore Climate Change

Source: BBC News    8/27/2009


Author: Richard Black

Student Researcher: Ryan Stevans

Faculty Evaluator: Ervand Peterson

Sonoma State University: Sociology of Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Phillips  #07