Good News for Superbugs: No Cure in Sight for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Releases

by Vins
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Pharmaceutical production releases antibiotics through wastewater and leakage with little to no company oversight and, if left unmanaged, could result in millions of deaths by 2050.

Based on findings from the not-for-profit Access to Medicine Foundation, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that most pharmaceutical companies surveyed do not disclose how much wastewater is released or the effect it has on the environment. The Antimicrobial Resistant Benchmark 2018 report was released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January and evaluated companies’ responses to wastewater. Among 18 polled companies, only eight said they set limits for how much discharge could be sent into wastewater and fewer limited how much their suppliers could release.

Changing Markets, an NGO that campaigns against pharmaceutical waste, states there is next to no transparency surrounding pharmaceutical supply chains. “We know nothing about where our drugs are made. This is a scandal,” the NGO says.

The Bureau’s research in India and China shows discharge is a continuing problem. A global report confirms the finding that pharmaceutical waste drives antibiotic resistance. This follows a 2017 story where the Bureau reported on a study that found very high levels of superbugs and antimicrobial drugs in pharmaceutical companies’ wastewater.

Despite limited coverage of the dangers of pharmaceutical wastewater in corporate media, there has been little mitigation of the problem.


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Student Researcher: Heidi Atter (University of Regina)

Faculty Evaluators: Janelle Blakley and Patricia Elliott (University of Regina)

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