Google in Bed with CIA

by Project Censored
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Despite publicly announcing that Google is not in any way condoning or assisting in the surveillance of Chinese email accounts, we can see numerous cases in which Google has assisted in government operations and the violations of human rights. Google is the provider for the software “Intellipedia,” a highly-secured online system where 37,000 US spies and related personnel share information. Even the National Security Agency (NSA), has purchased Google search technology. In addition to this, the technology for Google Earth and Google Street view was originally supplied by Keyhole Inc, a company funded by Q-Tel, a venture capital firm which is in turn openly funded and operated on behalf of the CIA. Given Google’s supposed concern with ‘break-in’s to several of its email accounts, it’s worth noting that Google’s friends at In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, are now investing in Visible Technologies, a software firm specialized in ‘monitoring social media’.

Title: Google’s Deep CIA Connections
Publication: English Pravda
Date of Publication: January 14, 2010
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Author: Eric Sommer
Faculty Evaluator: Dr. John Kramer (Sonoma State University)
Student Name: Keith Garrett (Sonoma State University)
Date: 11/8/2010