H-Bomb Missing in Savannah Swamp Since 1958

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Where did the missing H-Bomb Go? That is the question on many people’s minds and especially the residents near Tybee Island in Savannah Georgia.

On February 5, 1958 two USA air crafts collided during a night training flight. On one of the aircrafts lay what the pentagon described as the “Mother of all Weapons”. After colliding with each other the pilot was order to “jetton” the bomb before landing the damaged plane. The pilot did so over the shallow waters of Wassaw Sound.

To this day this bomb has still not been discovered. Since the 200 pounds of TNT that was attached to the bomb exploded scattering debris everywhere, residents and officials know that the bomb was dropped. After less then two months the government ordered the search for the bomb to stop. Residents concerns have increased over time due to the fact that they are aware that plutonium, which is a major part of the H-Bomb, becomes even more dangerous and deadly over the years as it erodes and disintegrates. They are afraid that the bomb is leaking radioactive materials into the area around them, which some scientists feel is definitely the case.

Title: The Case of the Missing H-Bomb: The Pentagon Has Lost the Mother of all Weapons

Author: Jeffery St. Clair

Publication: Rock Creek Free Press, June 2009

Student Researcher: Kristin Laney

Community Evaluator: Gary Evans MD

Sonoma State University