Half of Newly Elected Congress Members Deny Climate Change

by Project Censored
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After the recent midterm election, Think Progress (thinkprogress.org) completed research and came to the conclusion that fifty percent of the new congressmen deny the existence of manmade climate change. And eighty-six percent are opposed to any climate change legislation that increases government revenue.

These soon-to-be Congress members are on record rejecting decades of sound evidence, compiled by scientists, that shows human-made emissions are warming the atmosphere. With this said, for a better and cleaner climate and energy perspective, we now have to look forward to many more years of continuing dominance from the heavily subsidized oil industry, reliance on foreign oil, and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Title: 50% of the New Congressmen Deny Climate Change

Publication Source: treehugger.com, November 5, 2010

Author: Brian Merchant

Publication Source: treehugger.com, November 5, 2010

URL: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/11/50-percent-new-congressmen-deny-climate-change.php

Student Researcher: Courtney Rider, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: Eric Williams, Sonoma State University